Collection: Handmade Stickers

Each sticker is handmade in house with unique illustrations are custom made by Artist Nerd's owner/artist Marsi. Using high quality materials, each sticker is printed with using a photo printer for more vivid colors, deeper blacks and unmatched shades. Many designs available with Vinyl or Paper sticker options.

Vinyl stickers are waterproof and are laminated to increase the longevity of the image. Stickers may be applied to most smooth and hard surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, paper products, walls or sanded wood. Adhesive is permanent. These stickers are perfect for laptops, tablets, phone cases, tumblers, water bottles, lockers, windows, folders, notebooks, journals and more! 

Hand wash recommended for drink wear for an extended life of the sticker though many have run through the dishwasher for months. Please note: extended heat/sun exposure will degrade image and adhesive.