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Fancy Koi Fish 5.75 Inches Laminated Vinyl Decal Sticker Yang

Fancy Koi Fish 5.75 Inches Laminated Vinyl Decal Sticker Yang

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These handmade, high quality waterproof printed vinyl sticker decals are lovely for all Koi fans.


These Koi fish comes in a variety of 12 colors. 7 different koi breed and 5 unique colors: Ai Goromo, Asagi, Hajiro, Showa, Tancho, Utsuri, Yamabuki Ogon, Birthday, Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead), Mandarin (Based off Mandarinfish), Filigree and Lace. 

 Can't decide on your favorites? Save $$$ on a Koi Fish 12-Pack!


Dimensions (rounded):

Large:  Height: 5.75 Inches by 2.25 Inches


This is a high quality waterproof/weatherproof vinyl sticker decal that is laminated for added strength and durability. May be applied to most smooth and hard surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, paper products, walls or sanded wood. Permanent adhesive though may be repositioned with care.

Perfect for laptops, tablets, phone cases, tumblers, water bottles, lockers, windows, folders, notebooks, car windows, bumper stickers and more!

Hand Wash recommended for drinkwear.


These koi designs was illustrated and hand printed by Artist Nerd's Marsi. 

*Due to differences in printer and monitor resolution the final product coloration may very slightly from image.

Artist Nerd

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