Collection: Commissions and Custom Digital Art Files

We offer two types of commissions or Custom Digital Art Files here at Artist Nerd. Bases and New Renderings. Base art (also known as Adoptables, YCH, Editable Bases) is a Custom Digital in which the details of your character is added to preexisting line art. The style and composition is already rendered with the Base so you can visualize exactly what your character will be like when finished. This art also comes at a lower price point as a lot of the work is already completed beforehand. New Rendering Commissions offer a larger variety of styles and more personalization, poses and expressions. You can then use your custom digital file on any of our myriad of products such as stickers, t-shirts, blankets and more!


Artist Nerd will receive your order after check out and begin working on your order right away. If there is any questions regarding your order you will receive an email within 2 business days. Please make sure to submit a working email for proof and art completion. 

Every graphic in this store is designed with you in mind and hand made by the Artist Nerd right here in sunny California. So scratch that itch and enjoy the unique, hand drawn products that will capture your imagination and board cast your passions. All the while you are supporting a friendly graphic designer, artist, mother and small business entrepreneur.