Welcome to Artist Nerd!

Welcome to Artist Nerd!

Artist Nerd text and Cat in wizard hat with glasses.


Welcome to Artist Nerd! Andrea the Artist Nerd Mascot is here to greet you. This is a small business created by the artist and graphic designer, Marsi Souther. All work here is original art work so you can be assured that you will not find any pre-made clip-art here! 


Here you will find an assortment of artsy, nerdy, geeky, and just plain fun designs to brighten up your life. We offer a wide variety of personalized, customizable made-to-order products including Your-Character-Here (YCH), Photo uploads, and commission-based designs. You will also find reoccurring characters such as Andrea and Andrew (Artist Nerd's Dual Mascots), Midnight Star the Galaxy Dragon, Lotus Dragons and much more! 

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