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Retro Personalized Name Vinyl Sticker Rainbow Sheet - Choose your size

Retro Personalized Name Vinyl Sticker Rainbow Sheet - Choose your size

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Custom Vinyl Name Word Phrase Label Decals, Great for Name Tag Sticker Personalization

Choose your size! 


Each name sticker comes on a 8x3 inch sheet. One name per sheet though you may pick up to 3 color options per sheet. I will fill the sheet with as many stickers as possible in the size requested. Below is an average amount to expect. May include additional smaller stickers to fill left over space.

2 inch / 5 cm will allow for about 8-12 name stickers.

3 inch / 7.6 cm will allow for about 5 name stickers.

4 inch / 10 cm will have 2-3 stickers.

5 inch / 12.7 cm to 7 inch / 17.8 cm stickers will have one large name sticker on the sheet. Smaller duplicates may be included if there is space.


Please note the color desired in the note to Artist section. 

29 color options or customize your own! Ruby, Pink, Candy,  Unicorn, Neapolitan, Spumoni, Spring, Ocean, Sky, Summer, Ocean, Teal, Winter, Fireworks, Plum, Pumpkin, Sunshine, Sunrise, Sunset, Leaf, Holly, Melon, Rainbow, Tricks, Bright, Honey, Autumn, Coffee, or Scale. Want your own color combo? Let me know which colors you'd like!

Default color is "Sky."


Personalized your own vinyl sticker to on any flat smooth surface such as tablets, laptops, water bottles, glassware, storage containers, school and office supplies, etc. Choose your length. Height varies depending on the length chosen. Due to the custom nature of this product final size may vary slightly as an allowance for unique characteristics of the text.  Cannot be reused if removed.


Care: Hand-wash preferred, pat to dry. Vinyl are waterproof but the adhesive breaks down with repeated washes in the high heat and humidity in the dishwasher. Do not cut, scratch or rub harshly. Keep away from heat sources.

Note about sizing:

Sizing is based on length of name/word/phrase. Longer names/words/phrases will have smaller characters than shorter names in the same font and decal size. If you need letters to be the same size across multiple decals please leave a note in the message box with details to fit within a certain height/length parameter or to average out the font size across multiple orders.


Please check your spelling as I will make your sticker exactly as you type it in. Thanks.

Due to the custom nature of this order there are no returns or exchanges accepted. If I made a mistake then I will correct that mistake.


1.Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Let dry. Make sure surface is clear of oil or other residues before applying decal.

2. Slowly peel the white backing off the sticker.

3.Position the vinyl sticker in your desired location and press firmly into place starting from one side and slowly wrapping around object. Use a credit/debit/ID card or spoon to smooth any bubbles that may have formed by pushing outwards.

Shipped USPS in a envelope with a heavy cardstock card to prevent damage during delivery.

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