Introducing the Dog Constellation Sticker Set!

Introducing the Dog Constellation Sticker Set!


This is a set of eight "Dog Constellation" stickers. Each one is a handmade, high quality, waterproof printed vinyl sticker that have been laminated to last even longer. 

The eight designs in the Dog Constellation set are named after eight positive emotions that our furry friends share with us. 

Blissful, Excited, Enthusiasm, Trusting, Expectant, Loyal, Joyful, and Energetic.



These dog stickers is designed to look like your favorite dog breeds such as Pomeranian, Keeshond, Japanese Spitz, Indian Spitz, German Spitz Mittel, American Eskimo Dog,  Finnish Spitz, Finnish Lapphund, Tibetan Spaniel, Long-haired Chihuahua, or Samoyed, Husky, Wolf-dog, Pug, Labrador Retriever, Shepherds, mixes, mutts and more. A must have for all dog lovers. These dog designs are hand crafted by Artist Nerd's Marsi. 


Like all of our quality stickers made here. These are high quality waterproof/weatherproof vinyl stickers that are laminated for added strength and durability. May be applied to most smooth and hard surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, paper products, walls or sanded wood. Permanent adhesive though may be repositioned with care.

Perfect for laptops, tablets, phone cases, tumblers, water bottles, lockers, windows, folders, notebooks, car windows, bumper stickers and more!

Hand Wash recommended for drinkwear.


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